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Toote nimetus: #4019 XTRONS D729G
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XTRONS D729G 7" 1DIN Multimeedia GPS/DVD/USB/SD/Bluetooth7.0" HD puutetundlik ekraan 800*480pxFM (87.5-108MHz) /AM (522-1620kHz) Raadio (RDS)DAB+ tuuneri valmidus (vajalik XTRONS EXTDAN03)GPS NavigatsioonSisseehitatud võimendi 4x45WCD/DVD: CD Audio/Video, DVD Audio/Video, CD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-Vide..

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Pioneer GM-D8701
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Pioneer GM-D8701

Toote nimetus: #3975 Pioneer GM-D8701
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Pioneer GM-D8701 Monovõimendi 600/1000/1600W 4/2/1 ohmMono 1600W Class-FD Car Amp, with Bass Boost RemoteCompact PowerAn amplifier shouldn’t take up too much space, especially in your car. This Class-D amps might just be what you’re looking for. It combines a 1-Ohm stable circuit, installation flexi..

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Hertz CK165

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Alpine R-S65C

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Pioneer TS-D65C

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Alpine S-S65C

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Pioneer TS-G170C

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Alpine X-S65C

399.00 €   449.00 €  -11%

Hertz ESK F165

120.00 €   

Hertz DSK170

89.00 €   

Hertz DSK165

89.00 €   

Alpine SPG-17CS

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Alpine SXE-1750S

53.00 €