Kenwood DDX317BT

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Kenwood DDX317BT - Multimeedia keskus autosse DVD/USB/MP3/CD/iPod/AndroidKey Features6,2" Clear Resistive Touch ScreenMulti Language GUI (21)Push button volume controlBluetooth Handsfree & Audiostreaming Built-inDSP with 13 Band EQ & Time Alignment Built iniPhone & Android Music PlaybackKENWOOD Remo ...
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Kenwood DDX317BT - Multimeedia keskus autosse DVD/USB/MP3/CD/iPod/Android

Key Features

6,2" Clear Resistive Touch Screen

Multi Language GUI (21)

Push button volume control

Bluetooth Handsfree & Audiostreaming Built-in

DSP with 13 Band EQ & Time Alignment Built in

iPhone & Android Music Playback

KENWOOD Remote App Ready


Spotify App Ready

Rear camera input with parking guide lines built-in

General Features

DIN Size        2 DIN

Disabled System Indicator (DSI) Yes

Security Code Function ( user set)      Yes

On Screen Display (OSD) Operation       Yes

Smooth GUI      Yes

Selectable GUI Background Wallpaper     Yes

Key Illumination        White color

Touch sensor    Yes

Installer Memory        Yes

Back-up Memory  Yes

Attenuator with Smooth Volume Return    Yes

Touch Sensor Tone       Yes

Optional IR remote controller   Yes, (KNA-RCDV331)

Digital Clock (24H)     Yes

ISO connector   Yes

Bluetooth unit built-in Yes

Firmware upgreadable    Yes

Monitor Features

Screen Type     6,2" Resistive touch panel

High Resolution VGA Display     Yes

Viewing Angle   0 - 20° (Default: 0°)

LCD type        6,2 inch Wide VGA

LCD backlight   LED (Variable Colour)

Display Mode    5 Mode (Full/Just/Auto/Zoom/Normal)

Screen Adjustments      Noon/Night Mem/Brightness/Tint/Colour/Contrast/Black Level/Sharpness

Dimmer function Manual/Sync/Navi Sync

Dimmer Level    Auto/On/Off

Touch Panel     Resistive/Light WT

Display Panel   Glare

Mechanism type  Fixed

NTSC/PAL judge  Yes (Auto)

Display Off Mode        Yes

Multimedia GUI Features

Variable Colour illumination    Yes

Software updates (SoC)  by USB

Graphics Type   Graphics

Demonstration Mode      Yes

Top Menu Customize      Yes

Background Customize    Yes, User + Preset

Display customize (capture)     Yes

Preset Wallpaper Type   Yes, 9 Types

R-CAM interrupt Yes

R-CAM Caution On Screen Display Yes

R-CAM Parking Guide Lines       Built-in, customizable

Rapid charge indicator  Yes

Menu text in selectable language        English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Dutch/Russian/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Turkish/Arabic/Persian/Hebrew/Greek/Indonesian/Polish/Czech/Hungarian.

Tuner Features

Station Select  Manual / Preset (List)

FM Reception    Yes

AM (MW/LW) Reception    Yes

Tuner Presets (FM/AM)   20 Presets (15FM / 5AM)

Tuning mode     

Automatic Memory Entry (AME)    Yes

FM Stereo / Mono Selector       Yes

Radio Data System       Yes

Radio Text Plus Yes

Traffic Information     Yes

Local search    Yes

Auto TP search  Yes

Enhanced Other Networks Function (EON)  Yes

Program Type Function (PTY)     Yes

Bluetooth General Features

Module  CSR8811

Max num. of regist. phones for HFP & A2DP       5 phones

Hands Free Profile (HPF)        V1.6

2 phones fulltime connection    Yes

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)      Yes, (SBC/AAC)

KENWOOD Music Mix Support       Yes

Serial Port Profile (SPP)       Yes

Simple Secure Pairing (SSP)     Yes

Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) Yes

Generic Access Profile (GAP)    Yes

Service Discovery Profile (SDP) Yes

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)      Yes, V 1.5)

Wireless Music Browsing (AVRCP 1.5)     Yes

Multi Profile Support   Yes

iPhone & Android automatic pairing via USB      Yes

Voice Dialing / Siri Eyes Free  Yes

Spotify App Link        Yes

Works with iPhone Siri  Yes

KENWOOD Remote App Ready        Yes

Catchphone / Call Waiting       Yes

Private mode    Yes

Interrupt call request  Yes

Alphabet Search (Phonebook)     Yes

Noise Canceller Yes

Echo Canceller  Yes

Phone device status display     Yes

Audio device status display     Yes

Signal strength display Yes

Remaining battery display       Yes

Bluetooth phones to register    10

High-quality noise canceling microphone 

Bluetooth firmware upgradeable  Yes

* depends on phone model/make   & Kenwood unit


DVD Region Code 2

DVD±R/RW Compatible     Yes

CD-DA   Yes

CD-R/RW Compatible      Yes

CD Text 

Jacket Picture with Tag Yes

MP3, WMA,AAC & WAV playback     Yes

MPEG1/2 Video File (.mpg) Compatible    Yes

JPEG File (.jpg) Compatible     Yes

DivX    Yes

Digital/Analog Converter        24 bit

Time Code Display       Yes

Skip/Search     Yes

Direct Track Acces      by Remote

Random Play     Disc

Repeat Play     Track

List Access     Yes

Time Code Display       Yes

Resume Play / Last Position Memory      Yes

USB Features

USB Type        2.0 High speed

Drive Change    Yes

Android USB Mass Storage Class (MSC)    Yes

Android Open Accessory support (AOA)    yes

MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC playback       Yes

MPEG1 Video decoder     Yes

MPEG2 Video Decoder     Yes

DivX (Home Theather 3.1)        Yes

JPEG    Yes

JPEG slide show Yes

Zoom control (movie/photo)      Yes

Repeat / Random Play    Yes

Resume play     Yes

Time code display       Yes

1,5A Charge Capability for Smartphone (BC 1.2). Yes

iPod Features

Made for iPod & iPhone *        Yes

USB Direct Control (Audio, 1 wire, Lightning-connector) with optional cable KCA-iP103

USB Direct Control (Audio & Video, 2 wire, 30-pin connector)    with optional KCA-iP202

Album art support       Yes

Music library search    Yes

Alphabet search Yes

Control by hand Yes

App & iPod control mode Yes

iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP)   iAP1

iAP over Bluetooth      Yes

High speed search       Yes

Reverse browsing        Yes

Voice Control using Siri.       Yes

Bluetooth Auto Paring for iPhone        Yes

Battery charge + power control  Yes

* Always update to latest Apple firmware        

** Apple Lightning - 30 pin adapter required    

*** In case of Apple Unit with Lightning Connector only Audio playback  Yes

Audio features

Max. Output Power (MOSFET Power IC)     4 x 50W

Pre-out 3RCA: Front/Rear/Subwoofer

Pre-out Output Level    2.5V

Subwoofer Reference Level Adj.  Yes

High Pass Filter (HPF)  Yes, (System E’s)

Balance/Fader Control   Yes

Loudness Control        Yes

Bass Boost      Yes

Att.(-20dB) with smooth Volume Return   Yes

System Q (Preset Sound Control) Yes

Drive Equalizer / Drive EQ      Yes

Equalizer       Yes, 13 Band Graphic EQ

Digital Sound Processor (DSP)   Yes

Speaker Select  Yes

Multimedia DSP Features

Position Control        Yes

Position Preset 4 Presets

Position Cabin Size     Yes

Graphic Equalizer       13 bands

G-EQ KBS        Yes

G-EQ manual setting     Yes

G-EQ f0 Qty     Yes, 4

G-EQ adjustable level   Yes, +9dB / -9dB

Time Alignment  0cm ~ 610cm, 2cm steps

High Pass Filter (HPF)  yes

HPF Cut Off Frequency   14

HPF Cut Slope Level     4 steps

Low Pass Filter (LPF)   Yes (Non-Fading)

LPF Cut Off Frequency   14

LPF Cut Slope Level     4 steps

Cross-over      Yes

3-Way X’Over    Yes

User Preset     x1

Source DSP Memory       Yes

Speaker Size Control    Yes

Channel Level Control   Yes

Space Enhancer  Yes

Realizer        Yes

Loudness        Yes

Stage EQ        Yes

Tweeter volume  Yes

Bass Boost      Yes

Drive EQ        Yes

Video Features

Audio Video Output      Yes

Audio/Video Input       Yes, Audio: Mini-jack / Video: RCA

iPod AV input switchable to additional AV input Yes

Video-In for Rear-view Camera   1 dedicated NTSC video input (RCA)

Mirror-mode on Rear-view Image  Yes

Detection Mode Rear View Camera Reverse sensor wire

Parking Guide Line      Yes


USB interface   Yes, (rear side)

OEM Wired Remote Control ready  Yes, with optional Plug & Play cable + interface

DC-Cord NEW Mitsumi to ISO

Parking sensor wire     Yes

Power Control (P.CON) wire      Yes

2-way (Tel/Navi) mute wire      Yes

Dimmer control wire     Yes

AV-Input (Switchable iPod / AV-in)      Yes

Rear View Camera Input  Yes

FM Antenna Input        Yes

External microphone input (mini-jack)   Yes

Tuner Specifications

FM range: 87.5Mhz - 108MHz (50Khz step) Yes

FM Usable Sensitivity   0.71μV/75ohm (S/N 26dB)

FM Quieting Sensitivity 2μV/75ohm (S/N 17.2dB)

FM Frequency Response   30Hz ~ 15kHz (± 3dB)

FM Signal to noise ratio (Mono) 64dB

FM Selectivity(DIN)     over 80dB (±400kHz)

FM Stereo Separation (1kHz)     40dB

MW range: 531kHz - 1611kHz (9kHz step)  Yes

MW Usable Sensitivity   28.5μV

LW range: 153kHz - 279kHz (9kHz step)   Yes

LW Usable Sensitivity   45μV

Bluetooth specifications

Technology      Bluetooth V3.0

Frequency       2.402 - 2.48 GHz

Output power    +4dBm(max), 0dBm (AVE) power class 2

Maximum range   Line of sight approx. 10 meter

Handsfree profile (HFP) Yes, V1.6

Serial port profile (SPP)       Yes, V1.2

Service discovery protocol (SDP)        Yes

Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP)      Yes, V1.3

Audio Codec     SBC/AAC

Audio/Video remote control profile (AVRCP)      Yes, V1.5

Generic access profile (GAP)    Yes

Phonebook access profile (PBAP) Yes, V1.2

DVD Specifications

D/A Converter   24 bit

Video decoder   DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG

MPEG1 Decoder   MPEG-1 with MPEG Audio Layer 2

MPEG2 Decoder   MPEG-2 with MPEG Audio Layer 2

DivX Decoder    DivX with MP3, Dolby Digital Audio Format

JPEG Files      Yes

Audio decoder   Linear PCM/Dolby Digital/MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC

MP3 Decoder     Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3

WMA Decoder     Compliant with Windows Media Audio

WAV Decoder     RIFF waveform Audio Format (only for LinearPCM)

AAC Decoder     ".m4a" file encoded by AAC-LC format

Wow & Flutter   Below Measurable Limit

Freq. Resp. (96kHz Sampling)    20Hz ~ 22kHz

Freq. Resp. (48kHz Sampling)    20Hz ~ 22kHz

Freq. Resp. (44,1kHz Sampling)  20Hz ~ 20kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion       0.01% (1kHz)

Signal to Noise Ratio   99dB (1kHz)

Dynamic Range   99dB

Disc Format     DVD-Video/Video-CD/CD-DA

Sample Frequency        96k / 48k / 44,1kHz

Quantifying bit number  16/20/24bit

USB Specifications

USB Version compatibility       USB 2.0 High Speed

File System     FAT 16/32

Maximum Supply current  1500mA

D/A Converter   24bit

Video Decoder   DivX / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / JPEG

MPEG1 Decoder   MPEG-1 with MPEG Audio Layer 2

MPEG2 Decoder   MPEG-2 with MPEG Audio Layer 2

DivX Decoder    DivX with MP3, Dolby Digital Audio Format

JPEG Files      Yes

Audio Decoder   MP3 / WMA / AAC / WAV / FLAC

MP3 Decode      Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3

WMA Decode      Compliant with Windows Media Audio

AAC Decode      "m4a" & "aac" file encoded by AAC-LC format

WAV Decode      RIFF waverform audio format (Linear PCM only)

flac Decode     FLAC files up to 48kHz/24bit

Audio Specifications

Maximum Power   50W x 4

Output Power (DIN45324,+B=14.4v)        22W x 4

Preout Level    2500mV / 10kOhm,

Preout Impedance        ≤ 600Ohm

Speaker Impedance       4Ohm ~ 8Ohm

Graphical Equalizer     13-Band

G. EQ. Frequency (Hz)   62,5/100/160/250/400/630/1k/1k6/2k5/4k/6k3/10k/16k

G. EQ. Gain (dB)        +/- 9dB

Subwoofer Level (dB)    -50 dB to +10dB

Video Specifications

Color System of External Video Input    NTSC/PAL

External video input level (mini-jack)  1 Vpp / 75 Ohm

External audio max. input level (mini-jack)     2 Vpp / 25 kOhm

Video input level (RCA) 1 Vpp, 75 Ohms

Video Output Level (RCA)        1 Vpp / 75 Ohm

Monitor Specifications

Screen size (Diagonal)  6.2 Inches Wide

Screen Size (WxH)       137.5 x 77.2mm

Display system  Transparent TN LCD Panel

Drive system    TFT Active Matrix System

Number of Pixels        1152000pixels (800(H) x 480(V) x RGB)

Effective pixels        99.99%

Pixel arrangement       RGB Striped

Back lighting   LED (Light Emitting Diode)

General Specifications

Operating voltage       14.4V (10.5 ~ 16V Allowable)

Maximum Current Consumption     10A

Dimensions (WxHxD)      182 x 111 x 165mm

Weight  1700 gr.

Operation Temperature Range     -10°C ~ 60°C


Release keys    2 pieces

Escutcheon      Yes

Installation Sleeve     Yes

DC cord (Mitsumi to ISO)        20 cm

Handsfree Microphone    with 3.5 m cable

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