Alpine CDE-178BT

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Alpine CDE-178BT - CD RECEIVER WITH BLUETOOTH®The CDE-178BT is the top-of-the-line of our 2013 Head Unit range that combines all the cool new features and functions such as TuneIt compatibility for iPhone and Android based phones, allowing full sound tuning and sharing via your phone, as well as new ...
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The CDE-178BT is the top-of-the-line of our 2013 Head Unit range that combines all the cool new features and functions such as TuneIt compatibility for iPhone and Android based phones, allowing full sound tuning and sharing via your phone, as well as new Facebook message alerts. It is also compatible with the vTuner for Alpine iPhone app, giving you thousands of internet radio stations with control from your Head Unit. BassEngine Pro means top quality sound with a 24-Bit DAC and the high resolution display ensures best visibility in any lighting conditions. It’s Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready and Vehicle Display Interface Ready, for a perfect install in almost any vehicle. If your car is equipped with a start-stop engine, this Head Unit is even more interesting for you, since it will keep playing when your engine stops at a crossroad.

Tune Your Sound, Check Your Facebook
Download the TuneIt smartphone app, then connect your iPhone via USB or Android based smartphone via Bluetooth. Now you’re ready to use your phone as a handy interface to achieve exactly the sound you want in your car. If you’re on Facebook, the app will also notify you of new messages on both your phone and the head unit. For more details, see the TuneIt App description in the Apps product category.

Internet Radio Comes to Your Car
How would you like to have access to thousands of Internet Radio stations while you drive? With this head unit and an iPhone, it’s easy. Go to the iTunes store, download the vTuner for Alpine iPhone app, connect your iPhone to the head unit, and start the app. Instant internet radio at your fingertips! You can search for stations various ways, including by country, city, local station and genre, with convenient control from either the head unit or the iPhone.

Built-in Bluetooth® Has Many Advantages
Bluetooth® comes built in, so you can enjoy hands-free phone operation and a wide range of convenient functions for superior in-car phone use. These include the ability to hold and switch incoming calls, phonebook functions like auto updating and easy ABC search, and easier control of music search and playback functions.

Technology and Features for Competition-Level Sound

The CDE-178BT uses our best parts and technologies, such BassEngine Pro customisation features like Digital Time Correction, 9-Band Parametric EQ, factory EQ presets, crossover, a 24-Bit DAC and three 4 Volt PreOuts.

Hear the Music You Love, from Many Different Apps!

Alpine takes head unit/iPhone integration a step further with App Direct. Connect your iPhone via USB and App Direct will let you listen to sound from many apps through your system speakers. Select music or talk from Internet Radio, streaming services, whatever your favourite apps are. You get full control from the iPhone’s touch screen and the iPhone stays fully operational.

Full Enjoyment of iPods and iPhones
The CDE-178BT provides a high speed USB connection to let you enjoy the functions of your iPod or iPhone. Along with superior sound quality and easy operation, you also get quick music search via song, artist, album, and other choices.

Large, Bright High Resolution Display
Alpine’s high-resolution display is big and clear for high visibility. You’ll find that it’s easier of use and makes driving safer. It occupies a large area of the front panel, giving you sharply clear text and graphics. All of the menu and music information is easier to see, and best of all it stays clear whether it’s bright or dark in the car.

Choose Your Favourite Colour
Quad Illumination is a popular feature that lets you choose four colour schemes: red, green, blue or amber. When you select one, all of the buttons change colour. Match the colour of your dashboard illumination to give your cabin interior a nice unified look.


    Memory Presets: Preset Stations (FM:18, MW:6, LW:6)
    Memory: Auto Memory
    Seek Mode: Local/DX Selection


    RDS Functions: TA, TP, AF, PTY, News, Radio Text


    Built-in BLUETOOTH® Module
    Hands Free Calling: HFP (Hands Free Profile) or HSP (Head Set Profile) Compatible Phones
    Streaming Music: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Compatible
    Streaming Music Control: AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) Ver.1.4 Compatible
    BT Plus Advanced BLUETOOTH Technology
    Connection: SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) Supported
    Phone Book: Phone Book Synchronization
    Phone Book Search: 3 Letters Alphabet Search
    Speed Dial: 6 Pre-set Memory
    Multiple Phone Number Registration: 4 Phone Number Registration Possibility
    Phone Book Label Display: Mobile, Home, Work, Other
    Voice Dial Operation: Voice Control for iPhone Supported
    Auto Answer
    Call Waiting
    Call History Display: Dialled Call, Received Call, Missed Call
    Speech Volume Level Adjustment: Adjustable for Outgoing and Incoming Volume
    Hands-Free Phone Sound Setting: 5 Type Selection
    Signal Strength Indicator
    Battery Level Indicator
    Output Speaker Selection
    Menu Language Selection: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
    Firmware Updatable
    Microphone Included

Made for iPod® / iPhone®

    Compatibility for iPod/iPhone: Made for iPod touch 4th/3rd/2nd/1st Gen., iPod nano 6th/5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st Gen., iPod classic 160GB/120GB/80GB, iPod with video, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone
    Connection: KCU-442i (sold separately) Required
    Available Selections: Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, Audiobook, Genius Mix
    Alphabet Search
    Percentage Search
    vTuner Internet Radio: vTuner for Alpine Compatible
    App Direct Mode
    Direct Up/Down: Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Episode Up/Down
    M.I.X. (Shuffle) Play: Song, Album, All
    Battery Charging


    Sound Setting Function
    Sound Setting Data Upload to TuneIt Cloud Server (Data Sharing)
    Facebook Notification
    Compatible for iPhone and Android Smartphones: Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Disc Player

    Disc Type: CD Player
    Disc Playback Type: CD, CD-R/RW
    Music Playback: CDDA, MP3, WMA, AAC Playback
    M.I.X. Random Play: Track/Folder, All
    CD Text Display
    CD Text Name Search
    Percentage Search

USB Media Connection

    USB Connection: Rear USB Connection
    (USB Cable Included)
    Music Playback: MP3, WMA, AAC File Playback
    USB Class: Mass Storage Class
    File/Folder Name Search
    Folder Up/Down
    M.I.X. Random Play: Folder, All

Sound Tuning

    Bass Engine™ Pro:
    Subwoofer Level Adjustment
    Subwoofer Phase Select
    Subwoofer System Select
    4Volt PreOut
    Equalizer: Flat, Pops, Rock, News, Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country and Classical
    9-band Parametric Equalizer
    Digital Time Correction
    Digital Crossover Setting
    Application Volume Level Setting
    Power IC Management System


    Power Output: 4 x 50W High Power Amplifier
    Display: High Resolution LCD Display
    White LED Backlighting System
    Illumination Buttons: 4 Illumination Colour Selectable (Blue/Green/Red/Amber)
    High Grade Audiophile Design
    3 PreOuts (4V, Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
    DAC: 24-bit DAC
    AUX-In: Rear AUX Input (3.5mm mini jack)
    Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
    OEM Sub-display Ready
    Remote Control Ready
    Menu Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
    Clock / Calendar
    Firmware Updatable
    Detachable DIN Trim Plate
    Detachable Face Plate
    Power Antenna Lead
    Remote Turn-On
    Start-Stop Engine unaffected

Max Power Output Ratings

    Max Power Output: 4 x 50W

FM Tuner

    Tuning Range: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
    Mono Usable Sensitivity: 0.7 μV
    Alternate Channel Selectivity: 80 dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65 dB
    Stereo Separation: 35 dB
    Capture Ratio: 2 dB

MW Tuner

    Tuning Range: 531 - 1,602 kHz
    Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard): 25.1 μV / 28 dB

LW Tuner

    Tuning Range: 153 - 281 kHz
    Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard): 31.6 μV / 30 dB

Disc Player

    Frequency Response: 5 - 20k Hz (±1 dB)
    Total Harmonic Distortion (at 1kHz): 0.008 %
    Dynamic Range (at 1kHz): 95 dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 105 dB
    Channel Separation (at 1kHz): 85 dB
    Wow & Flutter (%WRMS): B.M.L.


    USB Requirements: USB 1.1/2.0
    Max. Power Consumption: 1,000 mA
    USB Class: Mass Storage Class
    File System: FAT 12/16/32
    MP3 Decoding: MPEG Audio Layer-3
    WMA Decoding: Windows Media™ Audio
    AAC Decoding: AAC-LC Format ′′.m4a′′ File
    Number of Channels: 2-Channel (Stereo)
    Frequency Response: 5 - 20k Hz (±1 dB) *May differ depending on the encoding software and bit rate.
    Total Harmonic Distortion (at 1kHz): 0.008 %
    Dynamic Range (at 1kHz): 95 dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 105 dB
    Channel Separation (at 1kHz): 85 dB


    BLUETOOTH® Version : Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
    Output Power: +4 dBm Max. (Power Class 2)
    HFP: Hands Free Profile
    HSP: Head Set Profile
    A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
    AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile v1.4

Sound Tuning

    Subwoofer Level Adjustment: 0 to 15 dB
    Subwoofer Phase Setting: 0° or 180°
    Bass Level Control Range: ±9.1 dB at 100Hz
    Treble Level Control Range: ±9.1 dB at 10 kHz
    Time Correction: 0.0 to 336.6cm (3.4cm step)
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 1): 20 - 100 Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 2): 63 - 315 Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 3): 125 - 500 Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 4): 250 - 1k Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 5): 500 - 2k Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 6): 1k - 4k Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 7): 2k - 7.2k Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 8): 5.8k - 12k Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Band 9): 9k - 20k Hz
    Parametric Equalizer (Gain): -7 to +7 dB
    Parametric Equalizer (Bandwidth): 3, 4, 5
    Crossover Frequency: HPF + LPF 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200 Hz
    Crossover Slope: Flat, 6, 12, 18, 24 dB/oct.
    Crossover Gain: -12 to 0 dB
    Application Volume Level Setting: ±14 dB


    Power Requirement: 14.4 V.DC (11-16V allowable)
    Pre Output Voltage (Before Clipping): 4V / 10k ohms
    Aux In: 1.4V / 10k ohms
    Maximum Mounting Angle: 35°
    Weight: 1.5 kg


    Din Size: 1 DIN
    Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 178 x 50 x 162 mm
    Nose Piece Size (W x H x D) mm: 168 x 45 x 24 mm

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